Michigan divorce law: Settlement enforcement — the Hogan case

Michigan divorce law: Settlement enforcement — the Hogan case

Hulk Hogan has been divorced from his former wife for quite some time. Unfortunately, the two are still fighting over certain terms of their divorce settlement. While most Michigan residents do not have millions on the line when they battle over divorce law, they do still expect their exes to live up to the final settlement terms. Failing to abide by agreement terms seems to be the big issue in the Hulk Hogan case.

According to a recently released report, Linda and Terry Bollea were married for a total of 25 years before they divorced. During their marriage, Linda played a vital role in helping her husband build his brand. She was awarded property and 40 percent of future earnings of her former husband’s business. It was a pretty straightforward deal, but it is one that Hogan has allegedly failed to comply with.

According to Ms. Bollea, her former husband has refused to pay her her portion of business earnings. She claims that Hogan is hiding assets and doing everything possible to drain her of any funds he has supplied to her as part of their divorce settlement. She is asking the courts to step in and enforce the dissolution agreement.

No one wants to go to court again after their divorce settlements have been completed. Unfortunately, some Michigan residents may find it necessary — just as Ms. Bollea did. A divorce law attorney can help those who are having issues with their exes abiding by the terms of their dissolution agreements. Such issues may be resolved through negotiations or, if necessary, litigation.

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