Michigan divorce law: Normal communication or harassment?

Michigan divorce law: Normal communication or harassment?

Recently, a case in another state brought into focus the issue of acceptable communication during the divorce process. At some point, spouses have to discuss things, particularly if they have children. However, it is possible to go too far to the point where frequent attempts to communicate it is considered harassment. Michigan residents accused of harassment or, on the flip side, who believe that an ex is harassing them can turn to a divorce law attorney for help fighting the issue while, at the same time, working toward finalizing their marital dissolutions.

There are several ways in which a former couple can communicate during the divorce process: email, phone, texting, through social media accounts or legal counsel — if necessary. No matter how one goes about it, one must do it responsibly. Recently, a judge in another state sided with a woman who claimed that her husband’s frequent texts constituted harassment. She says that, in a year, he sent her over 5,000 texts — averaging 14 per day. The judge in this couple’s case has issued a temporary order, limiting the number of texts this man is allowed to send to his ex to one per day, and has threatened to throw him in jail if he does not abide by this order. 

The husband is fighting back, saying the bulk of the texts sent were regarding his three children and on a text chain between him, his wife and their kids’ nanny. He claims his wife sent roughly the same amount of texts in the same period of time. He also says that, according to current data, the number of texts he is sending is lower than the average for someone his age. He intends to fight the judge’s decision so that he can remain in constant contact with his young children and their nanny.

What one may consider normal communication, another person might find to be harassment. That is clearly the issue in the case mentioned above. It may not take much to cross the line. When that happens, it will not help one’s divorce case. Michigan residents who have questions or concerns about acceptable communication with an ex during the marital dissolution process can speak to an experienced divorce law attorney for guidance on the matter and assistance putting an end to any harassment taking place.

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