Michigan divorce law: Do you have spousal support concerns?

Michigan divorce law: Do you have spousal support concerns?

When preparing to go through the divorce process, it is normal to have questions about what you will end up walking away with when all is said and done. Money is a big concern, especially since you will have to try to rebuild your life with less than what you have while married. Spousal support could hurt or help your financial position after a divorce. If you have concerns about spousal support, a Michigan-based divorce law attorney may be able to address them.

Spousal support — let’s get down to basics. Financial support is not offered in every divorce settlement. If a couple cannot come to terms about this issue, a judge will get to decide, and it is only awarded to those spouses who qualify for it. What does it take to qualify? A judge will look at a number of factors, including the length of the marriage, each spouse’s income and earning capacity, each spouse’s education level, each spouse’s health and physical concerns — among various others.

If one spouse is awarded spousal support, it will generally be for a set period of time — usually just long enough to help him or her get on his or her feet financially. Support can be paid monthly or in a lump sum. Permanent spousal support may be available, but it is usually only considered following long-term marriages ending near or in retirement years.

If you feel you deserve spousal support or, on the flip side, feel that you should not have to pay it, it is certainly something you would want to talk to legal counsel about as soon as possible. An experienced divorce law attorney can provide you with information about Michigan spousal support laws and let you know what you may expect when all is said and done. To learn more about this topic and how an attorney may be of assistance to you, please visit our firm’s website.

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