Michigan divorce law: Divorced but still living together

Michigan divorce law: Divorced but still living together

Many Michigan residents who have been through the divorce process still find themselves living with their exes. This may be because they have children they both wish to continue living with or because of the financial inability to move out of the shared home. No matter the reason, it is a living arrangement that can work, but there are some details that need to be figured out first. A divorce law attorney can help with that.

Continuing to share a residence after divorce can leave room for financial questions. For instance, child support or alimony, should either party have to pay it? A former couple may still choose to live together, but their finances should be separated. In Michigan, paying child support or alimony may be required — it doesn’t matter if a former couple still resides in the same residence. This type of living arrangement just may change how much the paying spouse has to provide each month.

What about child custody — how would that work? Even though a former couple may still be living together, each party has to give the other time with their children. There are a number of ways to make that work. Maybe one parent can be in charge of the kids in the morning while the other takes the evening shift. Whatever is decided, it can be written into the custody plan so that both parties are on the same page and so if one party strays from the custody agreement, the other has the law on his or her side.

When this type of living arrangement ends, financial topics as well as custody issues will need to be revisited and new plans put in place. This can be accomplished by seeking modifications to the divorce settlement. Michigan residents can turn to a divorce law attorney for help when initially going through dissolution proceedings or for assistance modifying orders after the fact.

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