Michigan divorce law and the hiding of digital assets

Michigan divorce law and the hiding of digital assets

The only way a fair and balanced property division agreement can be achieved is if all marital assets are brought to the table. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. In Michigan and elsewhere, there are those who may try to hide digital and other assets in order to keep them for themselves. If you believe this may be an issue for you, a divorce law attorney may be able to help.

After filing for divorce, it is essential for both parties to put together a list of shared assets so that it can be reviewed and the assets fairly divided. If, after looking at the list provided from your spouse, you feel that something isn’t adding up, it is okay to question whether all assets have been accounted for appropriately. An investigation into the matter can then be conducted.

Not sure where to start? Do not worry. This is not something you will be forced to do alone. With the assistance of legal counsel and financial experts, tracking down the missing assets may be possible. Getting help is key when the issue involves digital assets, as these can be challenging to locate and value.

Being able to walk away from your marriage with a fair property division settlement is a reasonable desire. This is something that can be a reality; it just may take a little extra digging if you believe your spouse is hiding digital or other assets. Your legal counsel will work diligently to get you the property division settlement you deserve. To learn more about how your Michigan-based divorce law attorney can help you, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

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