Michigan bankruptcy law: Scams, abusive creditors and no money

Michigan bankruptcy law: Scams, abusive creditors and no money

Michigan is a beautiful state, one that most of its residents are proud to live in. It is not without its faults, though. It can be expensive to live here and many residents may find themselves dealing with money troubles. Their troubles are not helped by scams and abusive collection tactics from creditors. Thankfully, bankruptcy law or other debt relief options may help some individuals gain control over their economic situations.

The phrase, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” fits perfectly when talking about creditors. To help with their financial situations, numerous individuals are turning to personal loans and payday lenders just to get by. Unfortunately, in doing so, they have found themselves owing far more than they originally did and in worse financial situations. With no money, they then find themselves warding off creditors who just want to get paid. The stress this can add to a person’s life can seem unbearable.

When struggling with mounting debt, some individuals turn to advertised debt relief services. There are numerous companies that say they can help settle debt, claiming that all it takes is an upfront fee — which is usually substantial — and the need to stop paying creditors directly. Unfortunately, many individuals who have used these services have found that the companies are just scams or that they do not help.

Thankfully, there is real help out there for Michigan residents who are dealing with debt issues. A bankruptcy law attorney can review the details of one’s situation and offer actual solutions. For some individuals, bankruptcy will be the right fit. For others, other debt relief options may provide the relief they desire.

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