Michigan bankruptcy law: Handling debt collector claims

Michigan bankruptcy law: Handling debt collector claims

Michigan residents who are dealing with financial struggles may get one or more calls from eager debt collectors looking to get paid. While the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prevents debt collectors from being too aggressive in their approaches, they often get the payments they are seeking by making debtors feel guilty about their debt obligations. Before giving in to creditor demands, it is okay to turn to a bankruptcy law attorney for guidance on the matter.

Here is the thing: debt collectors do not always get things right. By the time an account ends up in their hands, the information they have may not be entirely accurate. They may call the wrong people, trying to collect debt that is not even theirs. Before paying a creditor, stop, do some research and look at all debt relief options.

It is also good to remember that consumers have rights when dealing with debt collectors. One should expect honest, civil communications from debt collectors. They are prohibited from using foul language or threatening violence. Consumers have the right to request that debt collectors stop contacting them, and they have the right to challenge the debt.

Giving in to creditor demands immediately may be tempting, but it may also be the wrong move. There may be a better way to deal with the situation. A bankruptcy law attorney can assist Michigan residents by reviewing the details of their cases and offering debt solutions that may or may not involve bankruptcy — every case is different.

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