Michigan bankruptcy law: Beware debt relief scammers

Michigan bankruptcy law: Beware debt relief scammers

Michigan residents who are financially struggling may be quick to trust anyone who says that they can help. While there is nothing wrong with seeking debt relief assistance, one must be careful in whom he or she places trust. Not all debt relief services and options are created equal. A bankruptcy law attorney can provide detailed information about legitimate relief options.

Why does it matter who one turns to for debt relief assistance? Recently, in another state, several individuals were arrested and charged with running a phony debt relief scam. Authorities say they offered to help people who were struggling to meet their debt obligations for an upfront fee. However, no services were ever offered after collecting the money. This left their victims in even worse financial positions.

According to reports, the five individuals involved in this scam collected $100,000 or more from their victims before being caught. All of those involved are now facing various felony charges. At least two of the accused are being held in police custody in lieu of bail, two have been released after posting bail and one is out on community release.

When hurting financially, knowing where to turn can be difficult. Michigan residents do have options, legitimate options, that can help them come out on top. A bankruptcy law attorney can review the finer details of one’s situation and provide guidance. If filing for bankruptcy is deemed appropriate, a legal representative can begin the paperwork and help the client through the process from beginning to end.

Source: vcstar.com, “5 face felony counts in debt collection scheme“, Jeremy Childs, Nov. 14, 2017

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