MI child support enforcement recovers $125,000 in payments

MI child support enforcement recovers $125,000 in payments

This past summer Southeast Michigan counties conducted child support sweeps, and collected an estimated $125,000 in past due child support payments from delinquent parents. According to reports, those parents who owed child support payments and had active arrest warrants were offered the choice of making payments to bring down their child support debt or to face the consequences of not paying child support.

According to a Friend of the Court (FOC) county spokesperson, nearly 129 people were contacted by social workers and deputies, and approximately $125,000 in child support was collected. Those parents who could not make payments were arrested, taken to court and arraigned on contempt charges.

Due to the success of this Southeast MI regional effort to collect payments, the FOC spokesperson noted they are in the process of organizing additional sweeps in other counties as well. For instance, a child support enforcement sweeps is planned in the in Southwest, MI counties this fall.

This recent sweep illustrates that when parents ordered to pay child support fail to make payments, they may have an arrest warrant issued against them and may be held in contempt of court. However, it is important for Michigan parents to remember that in certain cases, due to extenuating circumstances, such as a loss of a job, unforeseen medical expenses or other substantial change in circumstance, a parent may not be able to make timely child support payments.

To avoid the negative consequences of not paying child support, such as having an active warrant and jail time, a parent concerned about not being able to make timely payments, may want to consult a family law attorney who can help file a motion to modify child support payments.

Source: mLive, “Child support sweeps outside Genesee County this year net $125,000 so far,” Ron Fonger, Sept. 16, 2013

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