Mediation can be an effective way to end divorce for some

Mediation can be an effective way to end divorce for some

There are often multiple roads that lead to the same destination for Detroit residents. While it is important to obtain a sought-after goal, the way in which that goal is reached can also be just as important in certain instances.

When it comes to the family law system, there can be multiple ways of handling a contested divorce. While divorces can certainly be bitter and difficult, given the emotions at stake, there are also alternative ways in which the dispute can be addressed.

For instance, some couples are able to agree on a number of important issues that would otherwise be in dispute and up for a judge’s determination. Some couples reach this agreement through mediation, which is a process where a mediator facilitates discussion between the parties to try to obtain agreement.

There are a number of issues in a divorce that can be mediated under the right circumstances. Issues involving child custody, for example, which can be among the most contentious in a divorce, may be agreed upon through mediation in other divorces. This not only includes the custody arrangement, but also visitation schedules or potential roadblocks like drop-off locations for the child and more.

Mediation does not work in every case. The parties must be willing to discuss the issues and come to a consensus, which is not always possible or advisable. In those cases in which it works, however, it can cut down on a lot of the time and costs involved in a divorce. While a lot of background work is still needed before the mediation, and the parties may still need experts and the like to fully understand the issues in the divorce, the mediation can bring about closure in a meaningful way that allows the parties to have control instead of a judge.

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