Know your rights when the other side isn’t paying child support

Know your rights when the other side isn’t paying child support

Most Detroit residents would agree that everyone should play by the rules. This is especially true when individuals find themselves on opposing sides of a dispute, as the only way to guarantee things are fair is for both sides to obey the rules.

In child support disputes, this does not always happen. The court sets the rules by entering an order that tells each side what its obligations are in the case, such as ordering one party to make a certain amount of child support payments each month. Parties do not always fulfill these obligations, however, which can leave the other side in financial stress because of the lack of funds available to pay for the child’s expenses.

Indeed, last week this blog discussed how well over $1 billion was collected last year for child support payments in Michigan through different enforcement methods. When a party fails to make court-ordered payments, these enforcement mechanisms may be available to get the money from that party’s paychecks, tax refunds or other sources.

We have represented numerous clients who find themselves in need of child support. We advocate vigorously for our clients during the divorce case itself, such as by advocating for a proper amount of child support to be ordered. If the other side does not follow through with its obligations, we work closely with our clients to pursue enforcement methods and hold that party responsible for his or her nonpayment. Ultimately, we recognize how important it is that child support payments are paid in full, and on time, and we do everything in our power to enforce our client’s rights. For more information on our firm’s services in obtaining child support, please visit our webpage on child support.

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