Keep your divorce off of social media 

Keep your divorce off of social media 

Social media is playing an increasing role in the lives of people across America. In fact, certain social media outlets are widely considered to be routine forms of communication. 

This means that our private affairs are often being discussed in the online realm. While there are benefits of being able to reach friends and family members so easily, there are some downsides to online platforms.

Social media has the potential to harm you during the divorce process, and here’s how; 

Pictures can tell many stories

It is not uncommon for people to take photos of their meals together, nights out or adventures with friends. However, it is important to remember that people often see what they want to see. Photos of a perfectly innocent night, or a pose that you did for a joke, could be construed as something else by others. Narratives can be built from photos alone, and these could impact your child custody case, your property rights as well as any rulings regarding spousal support. 

Your children might see

While social media settings can be modified to increase privacy, there is generally always a way around this. Essentially, with the right knowledge, anyone can access your photos or data. Children tend to be tech-savvy, so it is not out of the question that they might access your posts. Even if they don’t do this directly, other people may see your profile and pass information on to them. The divorce process in itself can be tricky for your children to deal with, so it is best not to add to their stress with social media posts that can be misconstrued. 

Staying off of social media might be the best option but it is not necessarily realistic. As long as you use precaution, the negative aspects of social media can be kept to a minimum. As you navigate the divorce process, be sure to remember your legal rights as a spouse in Michigan.   

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