Judge reduces Beyonce’s father’s child support payments

Judge reduces Beyonce’s father’s child support payments

A change in circumstances which can significantly impact a persons’ ability to pay their monthly child support obligation can happen to anyone. Michigan fans of singer Beyonce may find it interesting to learn that according to recent media reports the presiding judge in the child support modification case involving her father and the mother of his son resulted in significantly reduced child support payments.

The child support modification case came about after Beyonce’s father was let go by the singer in 2011. Following his firing from his position as the singer’s manager, his income substantially decreased. Given the significant reduction in his income, he filed child support modification papers. At the most recent hearing to determine if the child support reduction was warranted, the presiding judge in this case determined that Beyonce’s father’s income had indeed changed, and reduced his monthly child support payments from $12,000 to about $2,500. Nevertheless, despite the child support reduction, he was ordered to pay about $15,000 in legal fees to the mother of his son.

Failure to pay child support will not only increase one’s child support arrears, but it could also result in a court issuing a warrant for arrest. Other serious consequences include suspension of driving privileges, restrictions on passports and even jail time.

Michigan residents struggling to make their monthly child support payments due to a substantial change in their circumstances, such a layoff or medical event which prevents them from working, may want to get more information about their legal options. Rather than being delinquent in child support payments, Michigan residents may want to consider filing a motion for modification of child support payment to avoid negative consequences.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Beyonce’s father granted cut in child support,” March 5, 2014

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