January is coming, so divorce rates are about to soar

January is coming, so divorce rates are about to soar

As January gets closer, we can expect to see a surge of divorces in the United States. The rates of new filings are set to soar, just as they do every year, as soon as the holiday season ends. 

Generally, the increase in divorce rates in January is about 25%. Some have said it’s as much as 30%. Either way, it’s a substantial tick upward as the month switches.

Why do divorces increase every January?

A few potential reasons include:

  • The new year is traditionally the time for fresh starts. This doesn’t just mean going to the gym or learning another language. Many people seek a fresh start and a new life by asking for a divorce. January just feels like the right time to do it.
  • The holiday season isn’t the ideal time to ask for a divorce. A lot of the people who file in January have known that they wanted to get divorced since the fall. They just didn’t want to go through it over the holidays, so they waited.
  • The holidays did not save their relationships. Christmas, in particular, is seen as a magical time of year. Some struggling couples cling to the hope that they can reconnect. If they do, they stay married. Those who don’t, though, tend to file for divorce as they realize the marriage can’t be fixed.

These are just three reasons that divorces tend to increase in January. Every divorce is unique, and you may have your own reasons. No matter what they are, just remember to look into all of your legal options if you decide to split up this year. 

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