Is your relationship with your child being interfered with?

Is your relationship with your child being interfered with?

Detroit parents typically do everything in their power to provide a loving home for their children. From putting in long hours at work to going the extra mile at home, individuals seemingly never have time off when it comes to the job of parenting.

Given the fundamental importance of the parent-child relationship, it is disheartening to think that someone would want to undermine that relationship. This is especially true when the person engaging in these efforts is the other parent. And yet, as discussed recently in this blog, parental alienation is real and occurs for many Michigan parents after a divorce.

While severe alienation may readily manifest itself in the child’s behavior, the more subtle forms of alienation can be difficult to detect. The child may begin to draw away from the parent, for example, for seemingly no good reason. In other cases, the individual’s parenting time may begin to appear limited, while the custodial parent makes excuses that do not seem to add up. Moreover, even when the other parent’s conduct is not considered alienation, it can still have an impact on the parent’s relationship with his or her child.

Our firm understands the vital importance of the parent-child relationship, and we have worked with many parents over the years to restore and protect their relationship with their children. We examine the facts and circumstances of each case, and make a decision on how to best proceed to protect our clients’ rights. Whether it is filing a motion to enforce a parenting time order, seeking to change custody or taking some other action that is appropriate under the circumstances, we work hard to see that our clients’ needs are met. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our child custody webpage.

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