Is mediation a viable solution for your Michigan divorce?

Is mediation a viable solution for your Michigan divorce?

Many people associate divorce proceedings with protracted court battles and significant personal and financial losses. However, divorce doesn’t have to unfold in a manner that is damaging to everyone involved. It is possible for divorcing couples to do so amicably.

There are several options available. Couples with a prenuptial agreement could choose to file an uncontested divorce following the outline provided in their prenuptial agreement. It is also possible for couples to talk about their separation and reach amicable solutions on their own.

However, many couples still have outstanding issues that they need to address before they can file an uncontested divorce. Concerns about child custody and asset division are common sticking points. For couples who want to divorce amicably but can’t agree on terms, mediation could be the right course of action.

How does mediation work?

If you haven’t heard of divorce mediation, you may not understand what the process entails. Divorce mediation involves both spouses sitting down with a neutral third-party, call the mediator, as well as their own individual attorneys to discuss the outstanding issues in their marriage.

In the most contentious divorces, spouses may not even be in the same room for mediation. The mediator will help the couple to explore compromises and set effective terms for their divorce, which they then finalize in a signed agreement to present to the courts.

Mediation doesn’t work for every couple

Mediation can offer benefits to divorcing couples in Westland, but it is not a universal solution. Couples who have particularly contentious divorces, a history of abuse or an inability to compromise will find that mediation is not the best solution.

How mediation benefits your family during divorce

Mediation helps you keep the majority of your discussions and negotiations out of court. In other words, mediation’s first benefit is that it protects your privacy. As an extension of that, it shields children from the acrimonious fighting that often accompanies divorce in court. It also makes it easier for you to move onto a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Next, mediation is faster than a court divorce, often only taking a single session or a few days to complete. That speed also produces the most significant benefit, which is a reduction in the overall financial consequences of your divorce. Because you won’t have to spend many days in court, mediation can have a much lower overall price tag than a litigated divorce.

If you find yourself wondering if mediation could be a solution for your family, it’s probably time to sit down with a Michigan divorce attorney and talk about your family’s situation.

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