In What Year of Marriage Is Divorce Most Common?

In What Year of Marriage Is Divorce Most Common?

Nobody ever said that marriage is easy. Rough times can come and go, arguments can happen, and divorces can result. Whether you are just married, or you have been married for twenty years, divorce can seem to happen out of nowhere.

When in a Marriage Is Divorce Most Common?

Although it is hard to study, it has been found that most divorces happen within the first two years of a marriage or during the fifth through eighth years. The years five through eight have the highest risk of divorce. Have you ever heard of “The Seven Year Itch,” a saying popularized in a 1950’s film starring Marilyn Monroe? This phrase refers to the point in a relationship where one or both partners start to feel bored or dissatisfied with the relationship, commonly occurring around year seven. Although there is no study directly correlating this theory with the divorce commonality during years five through eight, it is an interesting thought.

What Causes These Divorces?

Divorce can be sparked due to a variety of reasons such as:

  1. Financial Reasons
  2. Differing Future Plans
  3. Infidelity
  4. Trouble with Family Members Such as In-Laws
  5. Loss of Communication

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