How to navigate life post-divorce

How to navigate life post-divorce

The focus of couples who are going through a divorce in Michigan is often on the details, such as asset division and child custody, of the proceedings as opposed to future life. While it is important to prioritize getting a fair and equitable settlement, each partner should also begin to consider how life will be after the divorce so it can be as successful as possible. 

Forbes offers advice on how to handle finances after the divorce, as it is one of the biggest changes people experience. Even before the finalization of the divorce, each person should begin to make a post-divorce budget, taking into consideration the probable loss of income and cash flow. After the divorce, sticking to the budget, paying bills on time and funding retirement accounts should be the priority. Spouses who were not in charge of paying bills during the marriage need to learn how to manage money and pay off any debt. 

For couples who have children, there is often a concern about how the divorce will affect them. According to Psychology Today, parents do not need to live or stay together for the children to do well post-divorce. They fare much better when they have access to both parents and maintain a good relationship with them. Parents should refrain from fights and conflicts in front of the kids, and they should also focus on: 

  • Acknowledging all of the child’s strong emotions 
  • Practicing fair and similar disciple styles 
  • Providing love and stability 
  • Providing a safe environment and social support 
  • Taking care of themselves to stay mentally and physically healthy 

While it is a good idea to keep routine changes to a minimum, it is also necessary to establish new routines. Children do better when there is structure and reliability to these new changes. 

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