How to keep one’s divorce matter private and confidential

How to keep one’s divorce matter private and confidential

When a married couple is on the verge of going their separate ways and filing for divorce, the process can be daunting and emotional for all sides involved. Given the influence of social media and how connected today’s society is via social media sites, the urge to post something about one’s divorce and comment about one’s soon to be ex on social media can be strong. Thus, a generally private affair such as a divorce between two people can quickly change into a public spectacle on social media.

When emotions are running high during a divorce, it is easy to want to express oneself on social media sites. However, this can work against the person undergoing divorce, since social media will leave a trail of evidence which can be used against the person during the divorce proceedings. Thus, for those Canton individuals undergoing a divorce but would like to keep their divorce matter as private as possible, here are some helpful tips.

First and foremost, one should avoid unnecessarily publicizing one’s separation or criticizing one another online. It is important to limit one’s use of social media, including avoiding one’s ex-spouse’s social media pages, reading comments the other side may have posted, and avoiding responding to those comments.

In general, a person’s divorce file is a public record and anyone can access the contents of the file. However, one has the ability to keep the divorce file confidential and limit what the public can access and see. The divorcing parties may want to consider signing a confidential settlement agreement. Such confidential divorce option is available to anyone interested in them. It may not hurt to discuss it with one’s attorney.

In addition to this, divorce proceedings are open to the public and anyone can sit in on the matter. However, to keep one’s divorce matter as private and confidential as possible some divorcing couples may want to consider hiring a mediator or private judge to preside over the divorce.

Divorce is a very personal experience and the intensity of emotional and experience varies from person to person. But, one thing is for sure and that is that divorce is not easy. Maintaining privacy and keeping the process confidential may help ease the process.

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