How to balance work and a divorce

How to balance work and a divorce

The stress of a divorce can have repercussions in a number of different areas of a person’s life, including the workplace. There are steps people in Michigan can take to reduce the effects that it has on their career.

Socializing after separating

First, people may want to weigh the pros and cons of talking to a supervisor and colleagues about the divorce. In some cases, this can provide an explanation for reduced productivity and may lead to more support in the workplace.

On the other hand, there are also work environments in which this might be inappropriate or would simply not be a good idea. It is also worth keeping in mind that while trying to maintain a good work ethic during the divorce is important, people should not become workaholics. This can feel like both an escape and a virtue, but it is not a healthy way of dealing with stress.

Instead, people may need to do some emotional work in order to deal with the divorce and move on. First, they should consider their part in the marriage’s end. They should try to understand what went wrong instead of assigning blame.¬†They should also forgive themselves.

Is mediation the right option?

Negotiating a divorce agreement can be less stressful and time-consuming than going to litigation, so people may want to try this option. This can include deciding how property will be divided and what the child custody arrangements will be.

One person may also be required to pay child or spousal support to the other. Mediation may help couples reach an agreement without going to court even when there is a great deal of conflict. Unlike litigation, which is adversarial, its focus is on finding a solution that suits both individuals and leaves the outcome in their control.

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