How does child custody work in the holiday season?

How does child custody work in the holiday season?

When considering the cost of divorce, many people only focus on the financial side. The truth is, divorce can also come with a vast emotional price. The way you handle things can make a big difference.

Avoid the blame game

Unlike some states, you do not need to prove your partner was at fault to file for divorce in Michigan. The only reason you need to give is that there has been an “irretrievable breakdown” of your marriage. If you want to get divorced but your partner does not, that alone would prove that your differences are too significant.

Don’t fight about it

 While your divorce might need to go to litigation, you may be able to resolve it through mediation. Once you have both accepted that divorce is inevitable, mediation is a faster and more cost-effective way of settling things. Where litigation often ends up fighting over the past, mediation allows you to focus on the future and find an exit strategy acceptable to you and your spouse. If you manage to agree on everything, then one of you can file for an uncontested divorce with the details you settled on.

Be realistic

Many emotional and legal problems in divorce come from unrealistic expectations. If you have children, except in exceptional circumstances, you will have to share custody. The other parent has the right to spend time with them, and your children have the right to spend time with their other parent. Once you accept this, you can focus on finding an acceptable deal rather than fighting for sole custody.

Accept some days will be better than others

Everyone suffers emotionally during a divorce. You may have days where all you want to do is hide in bed and weep. When you are having a bad day, reach out to someone. Everyone has their coping strategies, but a friendly face or voice can be a big help. Know that you will get through this, just like everyone else you know who divorced did.

Having proper legal support during your divorce can take some of the stress out of the situation. Knowing you have someone covering the legal side allows you to concentrate on looking after yourself emotionally.

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