How do you schedule custody when you have a 50/50 split?

How do you schedule custody when you have a 50/50 split?

Shared custody arrangements are the new normal for most divorcing parents. Although many familial factors influence the exact way that judges split up custody, most divorcing parents can expect to share custody of their children with their ex.

Evenly split or 50/50 custody terms have become increasingly common, in part because researchers show that they can benefit children. However, splitting custody equally can be very difficult to do. What are some ways to evenly share parenting responsibilities?

Alternating weeks can be the simplest solution

In order to fairly and fully share custody, having parents exchange custody once a week can be the best solution. One parent has full responsibility one week, and the other parent assumes responsibility the next.

You can split each week in half

Alternating 3- and 4-day custody arrangements from week to week can be an ideal way for parents of younger children to split custody even without being away from their kids for an entire week at a time.

Other options may be better

If you have older kids, less frequent custody exchanges can be ideal. For younger kids, changing custody every two or three days can help ensure that both parents adequately bond with the children and that no one suffers from burnout.

You and your ex have a better idea than anyone else about what kind of split would be easiest on your kids and simplest for you to uphold. You can suggest the schedule that would be most reasonable for everyone. Minor adjustments can help ensure that the schedule also accommodates holidays and other special events to ensure a fair split between parents.

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