How do you handle holiday season changes with your children?

How do you handle holiday season changes with your children?

Changing or losing holiday traditions with your children in Michigan for the first time since your divorce may seem almost as though you have suffered the death of a loved one. If you are used to having loud, exciting and memorable holiday celebrations and now you are spending the time alone while your children are with your ex, you may be at a loss for what to do. At The Smith Law Offices, we are committed to helping divorcees move forward with their life. 

Because you are most likely experiencing feelings of grief and loneliness during this time, learning about some coping strategies may help you to be aware of triggers that you can avoid to help you still find joy and peace during what could be a difficult time. suggests some helpful things you can do to provide yourself with some needed relief. One thing you can do is to rely on the support, help and encouragement of others. Surround yourself with people who are empathetic and sensitive to the fact that you are missing your children. If you are invited to participate in the holiday gatherings of your other family or friends, consider taking them up on their offer to create a healthy distraction from the loneliness you may otherwise experience. 

Refrain from the temptation to compare your situation to that of others. Realize that this phase of your life is only a temporary state and you have the chance to rebuild your life and create new memories that can last a lifetime. Consider creating new traditions by utilizing the time you do have with your children around the holidays to do things that are meaningful and festive. Remind your children that you love them and look forward to being able to spend time with them again after the holidays. 

When you seek the help and guidance of both professionals and those closest to you and openly acknowledge that your life has changed, coping with the holidays without your children may be more doable. For more information about establishing a child custody agreement, visit our web page. 

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