How do you choose the right mediator?

How do you choose the right mediator?

Mediation isn’t for everyone. It is a good alternative if you and your ex-spouse can compromise and work together. It isn’t a good option if there is too much emotion or vitriol driving you apart. If you can work together, then mediation can be the easiest option. Here are a few tips to guide you in picking the right mediator.

Mediation is about collaborating to end your marriage amicably. That means both of you must be comfortable and trust the mediator. Feel free to ask him or her questions. Ask about the process. Ask about why he or she got into mediation. If either you or your ex-spouse have doubts about the mediator, then back away and move on. There are plenty of mediators, so don’t rush the process.

When you are asking questions, focus on the mediator’s education and training. If someone says “I’m an attorney, I don’t need training,” that is a red-flag. Mediation is about using dispute resolution techniques to bring people together. Compromise may sound like an easy concept to throw around but there are dozens of techniques that combine legal and psychological tricks to bring people to the table.

While digging into the mediator’s background, ask about their speaking engagements and publications. This is a good indicator of how much he or she is respected by their peers and engaged in the profession. You want your mediator to understand his or her skills well enough to put them on paper in a manner that you can understand.

Keep these tips in mind if you ever need to hire an attorney or mediator. These tips cross-apply to many different practice areas and specializations. If you are considering divorce, then consider all of the potential issues, from bankruptcy to child custody. Divorce is a major life decision that will have ramifications throughout your life. Don’t try to face it alone, hire an attorney who can keep an eye on your goals and interests.

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