Helping kids through divorce takes a lot of work

Helping kids through divorce takes a lot of work

Michigan residents who are ready to walk away from their marital relationships have a lot on their minds and their plates. When children are involved, getting through this already difficult situation becomes even more challenging. At the end of the day, most parents want to do what is best for their children. This means taking specific steps to protect them during the divorce process and after the fact.

Recently, a licensed clinical social worker shared his advice about how to navigate divorce when one has children. He first suggests being open and honest with children. They need to know what is going on without having to know every tiny detail. Children can quickly become overwhelmed when the world as they know it is falling apart. Talking them through it in a positive way can prove helpful.

He then goes on to talk about how parents can manage acting out in a constructive way. When children are upset, their behavior shows it. When kids make poor decisions, parents working through the divorce process may feel it is a lousy time to enforce rules and consequences. However, children need to be held accountable for how they behave. Consequences for acting out do not need to be overly harsh; they could even elicit thought and conversation about the divorce process.

Finally, he suggests watching what is said and done in front of kids. Children do not benefit in any way from seeing their parents fight or listening to one bash the other. Such hostility only makes children feel unsafe and unloved. It can destroy parent-child relationships and even affect a child’s future relationships.

Divorce can take a significant toll on children. The study results on this matter are very clear. How they get through this challenging time often depends on how parents approach it themselves. Those who are willing to work through it lovingly, lightly and thoughtfully are better able to help their children cope with the change in their family dynamic. Michigan residents who need assistance working through the dissolution process and further advice on helping kids deal with it can turn to legal counsel for guidance.

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