Helping children settle into the new family home

Helping children settle into the new family home

Both the divorce process and life after divorce can be challenging for the children. However, it is important to remember that they are resilient and can soon adapt. 

One of the most significant changes for children after a divorce is having two places to call home. You may be apprehensive about how your child feels about staying in your new place, but there are ways to ease the transition. 

Familiarity is key

A new home can be overwhelming, but there are ways to implement a sense of familiarity. If your child has a favorite toy, there is no reason why you can’t have it close to hand. They may also have themed bed sheets from their favorite film or video game at their other parent’s house. This can easily be duplicated to make them feel more comfortable. The smallest touches can make a huge difference in ensuring that your child feels stable in a new environment. 

Let them leave their mark

If a child can get involved in making the new home habitable, this can be a lot of fun for them. Their room should be their space, and they could take great pleasure in having their say in its design. Even smaller steps, such as letting them choose the color scheme, can go a long way to providing a much-needed safe space. 

Establish a routine

Although you will be incredibly excited to see your children each time, it may be beneficial not to overwhelm them whenever they arrive. By having a sense that they can come and go as they please, your new place will soon start to feel much more homely. 

Adapting to life after divorce can be challenging for all parties, but it can work out. By ensuring that you stay up to speed with your legal rights as a parent, you have a strong base on which to progress from.



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