Helping adult children understand your gray divorce

Helping adult children understand your gray divorce

You and your spouse may have been together for many years, even decades. You’ve both played a key role in bringing up your children, who have gone on to build their own lives. Once your children have moved out of the family home, the atmosphere may start to feel different. The house might feel empty and the time you spend with your spouse might teach you that the relationship simply isn’t working. 

A gray divorce could give you the opportunity for a fresh start so that you can enjoy your golden years. But how do you break the news of your divorce to your children? 

Tell them how unhappy you are

 You may have put a brave face on for many years, to ensure that your children had security when they were growing up. Raising your children in the family home will have given you some genuine happiness. However, it is important to explain to them that things have now changed. Try and make them understand just how unhappy you have become. In the same way that you did for them, your children will most likely want what’s best for you. 

Reassure them that your former spouse will be ok

Your children may have strong bonds with both parents, and your divorce could force them to become extremely worried about both of you. It is important to reassure them that no matter what, you will both be ok. Ideally, both parents could get involved in this conversation. If you and your former spouse are able to remain amicable, then it will show that some form of family dynamic can remain in place.

Divorce isn’t easy, but if it is the path to happiness for you, then you shouldn’t rule it out. As you make your plans for the future, remember that you have legal rights as a spouse in Michigan.     

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