Have questions about alimony in Michigan – we can help

Have questions about alimony in Michigan – we can help

There is a lot of misinformation about spousal maintenance, also referred to as alimony. Some people may be under the wrong impression that if they were married and then they divorced, they may automatically be entitled to alimony. In some other cases, people may not know what alimony is and what their rights are in a divorce. And, in some other cases, spousal support disputes may arise long after the divorce proceedings have concluded.

Regardless of one’s specific circumstances surrounding alimony, it may be helpful to have a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the area of family law to ensure that one’s rights are protected and that the person does not get the short end of the stick during such proceedings. Michigan residents who have questions about alimony or more general questions about how the family law courts and the divorce process work, can rely on the Smith Law Offices P.C.

We provide focused and affordable legal representation to anyone embroiled in a spousal support dispute. When the issue of alimony comes up in a divorce proceeding, we work hard in the interests of our client to ensure that any court-ordered alimony payments are appropriate. The term alimony may raise concerns for the party ordered to pay it but we work closely with our clients so that they understand the process, their obligations, and their rights.

Under Michigan law, courts are required to take into consideration several factors when determining if one party is entitled to alimony payments and for how long. These factors include the duration of the marriage, the ability of each party to work and earn money at the time of the divorce, and the age and health status of the parties. Though a court will use these guidelines to determine a spousal support order, it is important to know that parties can negotiate alimony, and can enter their own agreement. In such a case our firm can help to ensure that the terms of any such agreements are fair and equitable.

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