Going into debt to get married often leads to divorce

Going into debt to get married often leads to divorce

When getting married, it is reasonable to want to celebrate the occasion. Some couples in Michigan do this by throwing lavish parties that often cost them an arm and a leg. What they may not realize at the moment is that it may also cost them their marriages, as debt is a contributing factor in numerous divorce cases.

When a wedding party is wanted, the cost can quickly get out of hand. Some people are willing to go into debt for it because they believe they deserve to enjoy the day the way that they want. According to a survey completed by Qualtrics, 45% of newlyweds choose to go into debt to pay for their weddings.

Wedding debt is not something that will cause all marriages to explode, but roughly 47% of couples who take on nuptial debt do end up considering divorce. Why? Starting married life with significant debt can and usually does lead to fights over finances. It is estimated that 76% of newlyweds who take on wedding debt end up fighting about the cost when all is said and done. It simply puts a strain on the relationship that can be challenging to overcome.

Is the big wedding worth it? That really is a personal decision. It is certainly something a couple should be on the same page about — though even agreeing to it beforehand may not stop the fights when the party is over with.

Divorce happens for many reasons. Those who wish to end their marriages due to the strain wedding debt has put on their relationships certainly can do so. Legal counsel can help Michigan residents walk away from their marriages with fair settlement terms, including who is to be responsible for the debt when the divorce is final.

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