Getting by at work during a divorce

Getting by at work during a divorce

Individuals going through a divorce in Michigan may be struggling in other aspects of their lives, like getting themselves to work or taking care of their kids. Divorce takes a big emotional toll on just about everyone, and not everyone handles it the same. However, there are certain steps that anyone going through a divorce can take to try to keep their professional lives intact.

Who to talk to

Depending on the relationship that an employee has with a supervisor, it may be acceptable and even advisable to let a superior know about a divorce. If someone feels that he or she cannot meet deadlines or otherwise fulfill work obligations, it is better to explain why ahead of time than to fall short and run a bigger risk of being terminated.

If going to an immediate supervisor feels too daunting, employees should consider speaking with someone in HR or another supervisor at the company.

Take a break

It is also a good idea to take some personal time off from work when going through a divorce. Taking a day off to get a spa treatment or go to the park for a solo picnic may be just what an employee needs to rejuvenate and be able to get back to the office. Throwing oneself into work as a distraction from problems at home can lead to burnout or to an eventual breakdown, so it is important to keep boundaries and make time for life outside of work.

Most people need help to get through a divorce, and they should not shy away from seeking help from family or friends. In a lot of cases, individuals can benefit from seeing a therapist. For the more technical matters, like separating assets or valuating marital property, divorcing individuals may consult with a family law attorney.

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