Garner-Affleck split highlights mediation in divorce

Garner-Affleck split highlights mediation in divorce

Michigan fans of actor-director Ben Affleck and actress Jennifer Garner may find it interesting to learn that the two Hollywood stars have decided to get divorced after a decade-long marriage.

Following months of speculation, the celebrity couple recently announced that they will be ending their marriage. They have three biological children together, and reports indicate that the soon-to-be-divorced couple is planning on utilizing the alternate dispute resolution technique of family mediation to settle their impending dissolution. Presently Affleck is living in a separate house but on the couple’s shared property, but both hope to co-parent their three minor children. As in any divorce with children and property, more than likely family law issues of child custody, child support, property division and asset division will come up.

Regardless of the length of one’s marriage, in many cases two people who once worked well together as a couple may no longer be able to do so for a variety of reasons and may want to go their separate ways. In some cases the decision to divorce may be acrimonious, but in other cases, the couple may be able to amicably resolve their difference and settle the matter through a collaborative divorce process such as mediation. As is the case of Garner and Affleck, the celebrity couple has chosen to resolve their separation through mediation.

Most people who are seeking or filing for a divorce may not be familiar with the options available to them. Some automatically think that the process is going to be adversarial, expensive and lengthy. But, there are fast, affordable and collaborative ways of seeking a divorce. Contacting a Michigan family law firm to find out more about what options are available may be helpful to a couple seeking a divorce.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck announce divorce,” June 30, 2015

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