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Post-Divorce Modification Of Family Law Orders

Often, after a divorce is finalized, the circumstances of one of the parents, or of a minor child, change, such that the original arrangements are no longer workable. You may have a change in employment, or health considerations may make it too difficult to meet your obligations under a divorce judgment. Your child may have medical or educational challenges that require a modification of custody or parenting time agreements. You want an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to help you protect your rights.

At The Smith Law Offices, P.C., we offer focused representation to people throughout southeast Michigan, including custodial and noncustodial parents who need advice regarding the modification of custody or parenting time orders. We are committed to your success, and we will always meet with you face to face so that we can get to know you and understand your needs and concerns, as well as your objectives. We keep our firm small so that we can dedicate our full energy and attention to getting the outcome you want. Because of our breadth of knowledge and our willingness to listen, many of our new cases come to us as referrals from former or current clients.

Revisiting Custody And Visitation Orders

We concentrate our divorce modification practice on situations involving custody or parenting time arrangements. We handle situations involving:

  • Requests by custodial or noncustodial parent for relocation, whether to take a new job, a promotion or transfer, or to be closer to family
  • Changes in the health of a custodial or noncustodial parent, making it harder for him or her to provide appropriate care to minor children
  • Changes in a minor child’s needs, including health concerns or school-related issues, such that the child needs a change in the accepted custody or parenting time agreements
  • Concerns about the health, welfare or safety of the child, stemming from situations involving domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse or other similar circumstances

It is important to understand that there are certain minimal thresholds you must meet in order to request a modification of a custody or parenting time agreement. We will carefully review your situation and provide you with an honest assessment of your likelihood of success, as well as your other options.

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