Ensure your prenuptial agreement is valid

Ensure your prenuptial agreement is valid

Before a couple gets to have fun on their wedding day and celebrate their union, they may have to take care of one legal matter first: a prenuptial agreement. It isn’t the most romantic thing to talk about when you are planning to spend the rest of your life with someone, but it could be necessary, depending on the financial status of one or both parties. Should you and your significant other be planning to enter a marriage, and there is a prenuptial agreement involved, you will want to ensure it is valid, so neither of you is surprised if you happen to get a divorce later down the line.

To ensure your prenuptial agreement is valid, you will want to consider the following:

  • Is the information in the agreement correct and valid?
  • Was either party pressured into signing the agreement?
  • Are all of the provision valid and follow the laws of the state?
  • Has each person had the chance to carefully go over the agreement?

It may be unusual for a couple to discover that their prenup is invalid, but it can happen. If this were to happen when you divorce, you could find yourself in a difficult situation, especially if you have to follow the state’s laws regarding property division instead of what was laid out in your agreement. However, with a few quick checks, you can be sure none of this will happen.

It is smart to get a prenuptial agreement to protect yourself in the event of a divorce. You may not want to end your marriage, but you never know what can happen. Taking the time to make sure your prenup is valid can make a huge difference in the end. If you have questions about your prenuptial agreement’s validity or divorce, you can contact an attorney at The Smith Law Offices.

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