Early planning reduces stress for summer vacations

Early planning reduces stress for summer vacations

Summer vacations are a time for families to relax and have fun. When parents have divorced, children may get a vacation with each parent. This takes a lot of planning because of the parenting time schedule, but it’s possible to make it work.

When you have a child custody order, you might find it difficult to make impromptu plans. Taking the time to plan in advance can help to ensure that the children get to enjoy the vacation and that it doesn’t take time away from either parent. There are a few things you can do to make this all easier.

Check the custody documents

The custody documents will have all the terms for vacations and travel. Sometimes, there are geographical restrictions about where you can take the children. Find out if this is the case for your situation. You may need to get the other parent’s permission or the court’s permission to take the child on a vacation.

Plan for communication

The children may be excited to share their vacation memories with their other parent. Be sure to plan for this so they can still be connected to that parent. This may involve phone calls or video chats. You may even want to encourage the child to find something they can bring home to show the other parent.

Make sure you review the parenting plan and the parenting time schedule for your children. Knowing this information can help you to plan the summer vacation you want. Ideally, you and your ex can work together to get it all situated; however, there may be circumstances that require the court’s input into the matter. Discussing things with someone familiar with Michigan child custody laws may be beneficial so you can formulate a plan to address the challenges related to the vacation. 

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