Don’t let your ex’s badmouthing bring you down

Don’t let your ex’s badmouthing bring you down

While it is perfectly feasible to have an amicable post-divorce relationship with your ex, this isn’t always possible. You may be in a situation where your former spouse is constantly feeding lies about you to the children. This is not only damaging for you, but also for them.

It is important to nip the situation on the bud, but what is the best way to go about this? Dealing with a hostile ex is certainly not easy, but the following tips may offer a useful solution to the scenario.

Try not to reciprocate

Your initial response may be to defend yourself by launching an equivalent attack. However, this is ill-advisable and will probably only escalate matters. Sometimes, people lash out with the sole purpose of getting a response. By launching a counterattack, you could be playing right into the hands of your ex. Once they realize that an angry response is not forthcoming, they may give up on this tactic. When the dust has settled, you may both be in a place where more constructive discussions can take place, centering on the best interests of the children.

Focus on the facts

Although it can be frustrating when you come across malicious lies that have been spread about you, you always have the truth in your favor. Your conduct will speak more loudly than any rumors, which will fade away eventually. A calm conversation with the children that acknowledges their feelings can soon put the matter to rest.

The divorce process is rarely easy but you can come through the other side. Recognizing your legal rights as a parent in Michigan will give you a strong platform to move forward with your life.

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