Does divorce law protect homemakers?

Does divorce law protect homemakers?

In early 2019, an article was published regarding homemakers and what they should receive if their marriages end. Many believe that the roles these individuals play in a marriage do not warrant an equal distribution of assets. Does divorce law in Michigan protect homemakers and allow them to walk away from their marital unions with fair settlements?

According to the article, 25% of mothers in the United States choose to leave the workforce and stay home with their children. Roughly 7% of men decide to do this. Male or female, the individual who chooses to stay home with the kids has what many believe to be the tougher job; yet, it is a job that is treated as less valuable when divorce rolls around.

Most states, Michigan included, have equitable distribution laws. This means that in divorce, each party should walk away with a fair, though not necessarily equal, share of the marital assets. So, yes, the law does allow for fair property division regardless of one’s employment status during the marriage, though one may have to fight for it. The law, however, does not guarantee that homemakers will receive alimony payments, which many will think they are entitled to for giving up a career in order to raise and care for their families. 

Divorce law can be complicated. Every case will be treated differently because every marriage is unique with its own set of issues. When it comes to the homemaker issue, Michigan residents who identify with this group may need to fight a little harder to achieve fair settlement terms. Legal counsel can help them do just that.

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