Does child support end after the child is 18 years old?

Does child support end after the child is 18 years old?

Not always. Child support does not necessarily end after a child has attained the age of 18. In Michigan, specific language under Sec. 552.605b addresses the topic of child support after the age of 18.

In some cases, a court can order that child support for a child continue beyond the age of 18. For instance, a court may order that child support payment continue for a child who is still attending high school on a regular and full-time basis, and hopes to graduate from high school.

During this time, the child must be living with the parent or guardian who is receiving child support. However, the support payments would cease when the child reaches the age of 19½ regardless of their graduation status.

Child support does not continue indefinitely in Michigan

When a court issues an order for child support to extend beyond the age of 18, the court is required under Michigan statute to specifically note when the support will stop. This specific date is irrespective of the date the child graduates from high school.

Additionally, in some cases the parents of the child might mutually agree to have the child support continued even after the child turns 18 years old.

Any support agreement to continue child support after 18 must be deemed both valid and enforceable by the court. Thus, the provision must be approved by the judge, both parties must be in agreement regarding the terms, they must sign the provision, and its terms must be clearly stated in the judgment or order.

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