Do people remarry the person they divorced?

Do people remarry the person they divorced?

Often many individuals who divorce realize that they made a mistake and wanted to remarry the person they divorced. If you want to remarry your ex-spouse, do it. But most statistics report that the divorce rate for all subsequent marriages is significantly higher than first marriages. These numbers do not mean that your particular situation is doomed, only that many people divorce their second and third partners.

There are no reports that discuss divorce rates for re-marriages, but most experts agree it is likely around 70 percent, similar to the divorce rate for second marriages which is 60 to 67 percent and third marriages, 73 to 74 percent.

But re-married couples possess several advantages. They don’t carry any new baggage to the relationship; they already know one another, and they identify the reasons their first marriage failed. This empowers these couples to manage their second marriage more effectively.

Experts agree that for a re-marriage to work both people must accept responsibility for the failure of the first marriage. You must have a heart to heart and delve into the problems of your first marriage.

If you are considering remarrying someone, then you may want to consult with an attorney. Aside from the emotional aspects, a lawyer can help you prepare for a re-marriage or a second marriage. You don’t want to make the same mistakes that lead to your last divorce. An attorney can help you prepare a prenuptial agreement and discuss the potential legal consequences. This time, you can go into the marriage fully prepared.


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