Divorce mediation: an option for couples

Divorce mediation: an option for couples

Differences between loving couples may arise at any time for various reasons. However, for most people, the topic of divorce or separation is not an easy topic to broach. Generally, asking one’s spouse for a divorce is very difficult, and for some traditional families it is even more difficult due to the possible societal implications a divorce may have upon them in their respective communities.

Michigan residents may find it interesting to learn that for those individuals interested in getting a divorce, in addition to the family court system, couples have the option of choosing to participate in divorce mediation. In fact, some states require couples in divorce proceedings to at least attempt mediation before going to trial. Typically, in a court system, unless there is pre or post nuptial agreement, when a couple cannot agree how property should be divided, the final decision may be left up to the presiding judge. By partaking in divorce mediation, rather than leaving it up to a judge, the couple has the option to discuss how property may be divided between them. Generally, the purpose of mediation is to foster agreement between parties in an environment where both sides feel safe.

Furthermore, when it comes to children, rather than having a court determine how much time a parent gets, parties in mediation can devise creative solutions to ensure that despite their differences they can work in the best interest of the children. For families that are fairly traditional and follow certain customs, divorce mediation may help to preserve, to some extent, how the parent would like to raise their children.

Divorce mediation gives each party a voice, and chance to be heard. Furthermore, where there may have been a power imbalance in the family structure prior to seeking a divorce, in mediation both sides are treated as equal, and can openly share their viewpoint and ideas.

Even though for some, seeking a divorce is a fresh start, for others in their communities it may be frowned upon. Regardless, when a marriage is no longer viable, and irreconcilable differences arise between a couple, civil divorce is an option. In addition to the family court system, couples may have other options such as divorce mediation. It is important to consider talking with a family law attorney to understand the pros and cons of all options when seeking a divorce.

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