Divorce law, child custody and the rights of fathers

Divorce law, child custody and the rights of fathers

Divorce and custody matters are emotionally charged and complex issues, and they can be exceptionally difficult for fathers. Despite the fact that many courts are now leaning toward allowing children to have equitable access to both parents, Michigan fathers may find they still have to fight for their rights. In order to do this, fathers need to know how custody and divorce law may affect them and how they can protect their interests.

One of the most common issues for fathers in divorce is their ability to pay child support. For some, this can be financially difficult, and some may not ever be able to keep up. Some dads have gone to jail over this, while others have lost careers and experienced ruined financial lives. Fathers who cannot pay support may need to take any steps they can take to get before a judge, explain their situation and seek a potential modification.

Dads who are facing issues related to paternity may find it beneficial to secure legal help in order to get the right tests and establish their rights. Paternity matters can affect everything from custody, visitation, child support and the emotional well-being of the child. A dad can fight to have a strong role in the life of his child.

Fathers may find they have to fight against unfair protection orders, unmanageable child support payments and other issues related to divorce law. When a dad is concerned about his rights and is unsure of what to do next, it may be helpful to seek a complete evaluation of the case. Michigan dads have the right to take action, pursue their rightful custody time and shield their financial interests as well. 

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