Did a debt collector file a lawsuit against you?

Did a debt collector file a lawsuit against you?

There is a lot of stress that comes with being in debt. One certainly does not need a debt collector making them feel any worse about their situation. Unfortunately, numerous Michigan residents find themselves dealing with aggressive collection agencies every single day. Some have even had lawsuits filed against them. When this happens, what can one do?

There are actually several things one can do when faced with a debt collection lawsuit. First and foremost, it is advised that one not ignore the situation. It is necessary to respond to the summons in a timely manner. Failing to do this will be an automatic win for the debt collector. A ruling in their favor means that they will have the right to garnish one’s wages, seek repayment of attorney fees and court costs, and add interest to the amount one owes.

After responding, there are a number of ways one can go about defending him or herself. Legal counsel can offer guidance as to what course of action would best benefit one’s situation. A few possible defense options include:

  • Contest the agency’s right to sue
  • Claim the statute of limitations has expired
  • File a countersuit
  • Demand to see proof of debt
  • File for bankruptcy

When a debt collector comes calling, it can be tempting to ignore the situation. After so many years, the problem might go away if the debt collector decides to give up. However, most often, that is not what happens. Aggressive collection tactics will likely continue. With the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney, Michigan residents can tackle their debt situations head-on to stop debt collectors in their tracks.

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