Detroit Tigers Prince Fielder files of divorce

Detroit Tigers Prince Fielder files of divorce

Baseball fans may have heard that Prince Fielder, a player for the Detroit Tigers, has filed for divorce. According to court documents, the dissolution of marriage papers were filed by Fielder sometime in May. He was married for eight years and the couple has two boys together.

According to Fielder’s wife, shortly after the papers were filed he ceased depositing money in the couple’s joint accounts, and stopped paying bills and other expenses. As part of her answer to Fielder’s divorce papers, his wife is seeking temporary support, attorney fees and costs associated with the divorce.

Regarding property, Fielder has a condominium in Michigan and a home in Florida. Currently, the children reside with Fielder’s wife in their Florida home. His wife has indicated that since she does not have sufficient income she is in need of support for both for herself and her children.

It is unclear if the couple has a prenuptial agreement. But, as in any divorce, several legal issues pertaining to property division, other marital assets, child support, spousal support, child custody, parenting time and more will likely surface during Fielder’s end of marriage proceedings. When it comes to property division besides homes other items such as cars, boats, investment accounts and retirement accounts will be taken into account. Further, if Fielder’s wife were to receive spousal support or alimony it may potentially impact how the property is distributed.

In Michigan courts consider the length of marriage, the age and health of the parties and their ability to earn in deciding if spousal support is necessary for one spouse. Despite the fact that courts have guidelines to determine the amount, alimony payments are negotiable. It is unclear if Fielder or his wife is seeking primary custody of their children.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Detroit Tigers star Prince Fielder has filed for divorce; wife seeking financial support,” Aug. 16, 2013

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