Common divorce law mistakes

Common divorce law mistakes

When thinking about getting a divorce, most couples just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. Going into the process with that kind of attitude can lead each party to make some mistakes that may hurt them in the long run. Here are some common divorce law mistakes that many couples in Michigan and elsewhere make.

Mistake number one is: not turning to experienced legal counsel. Some people want to get through their divorces without turning to attorneys. While there are ways to do this, it is still wise to have a lawyer review any settlement terms before agreeing to them. This way one will know for certain if he or she is getting the best settlement possible.

Mistake number two is: lying. Hiding assets is a problem. Lying about one parent’s activities to sway custody is a problem. These things happen and it only causes issues down the line. Being honest, hard as it may be sometimes, will help a couple get through the divorce process much faster and can reduce conflict.

Finally, mistake number three is: expecting too much. Some people go into the divorce process with unrealistic expectations compared to what their situation actually offers them. Before making demands, it is good to get an idea of where one actually stands and what is realistic.

The dissolution of marriage is a complicated process. Divorce law mistakes are known to happen. With legal assistance, Michigan residents who are thinking about ending their marriages can avoid these and the many other common mistakes often seen in the divorce process.

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