Celebrity chef hopes divorce ends swiftly and amicably

Celebrity chef hopes divorce ends swiftly and amicably

Food Network fans in Michigan may find it interesting to learn that chef Nigella Lawson and her husband have announced that they hope to end their marriage as swiftly and as amicably as possible by the end of this month.

When irreconcilable differences arise between a couple, divorces can happen. Unfortunately, divorce is not an easy process for many, particularly when the couple has children and joint assets. Celebrities who are in the process of divorce are no different. Issues of property division, other assets and alimony must be addressed and discussed. In the case of chef Nigella Lawson, her husband announced their divorce shortly after photos of him grabbing her throat were published in a newspaper. Despite the throat-grabbing incident, the couple has indicated that neither will be receiving any monies from the other, and they will not be contesting the divorce.

The couple does not have any biological children together, but since their marriage in 2003, they lived together with Lawson’s son and daughter from a previous marriage and her husband’s daughter from a previous marriage. Most families with children however, will have to discuss child custody, child support and parental visitation issues alongside any property division, spousal support and asset issues.

It is important for a couple during this time to keep the best interest of their children in mind. In fact, given her celebrity status Lawson and her soon to be ex-husband have asked that people respect both their privacy and that of their children during this difficult time.

Sometimes during a divorce emotions run high and cloud the judgment of couples to make rational decisions. Thus, it may become important for divorcing couples to seek the expert advice of an experienced family law attorney to ensure that the end of their marriage is swift and as amicable as possible.

Source: CBS News, “Nigella Lawson, Charles Saatchi to divorce by end of July,” July 15, 2013

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