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Michigan law and the Federal Child Support Guidelines

Far too many divorced parents responsible for paying child support believe that moving out of Michigan, or the United States, ends their responsibility to pay child support. Their refusal to pay denies the custodial parent much needed financial assistance. The best interests of their children are clearly furthest from the minds of those parents who attempt to circumvent their responsibility to pay support by moving out of Michigan.

When child support disputes arise, what options do you have?

When conflicts arise between Detroit residents, the dispute may not be black and white. When the dispute becomes a legal issue, different provisions of the law may apply in different cases, taking into account the unique nature of each case.

Can a person's license be suspended for failure to pay support?

It can be frustrating for Detroit residents when others do not play by the rules. Divorced parents often encounter this with their ex-spouse, particularly when it comes to issues involving child support -- as the other parent may not make the monthly payments that are required by court order.

Know your rights when the other side isn't paying child support

Most Detroit residents would agree that everyone should play by the rules. This is especially true when individuals find themselves on opposing sides of a dispute, as the only way to guarantee things are fair is for both sides to obey the rules.

What penalties apply for nonpayment of child support?

Divorce can be difficult on Detroit residents, particularly those who have children. While the divorce judgment will resolve many of the disputes between the spouses, there are a number of issues that can linger on for months or even years after the case is concluded.

Can I be criminally charged for failing to pay child support?

An individual who fails to pay child support can face prosecution by the state and be ordered to pay heavy fines, as well as face time behind bars. In fact, this family law issue can change into a criminal matter that can be punishable by up to four years in prison and a fine of up to $2000.

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