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Chapter 7 Archives

We can help Michigan retirees stop creditor harassment

Michigan residents who are senior citizens and are either in retirement or contemplating retirement would probably find a distressful financial situation particularly scary and perplexing. After all, there is less opportunity for seniors to recover a sense financial peace and security, particularly if they are no longer working full time hours.

What types of debt relief are available in Chapter 7

Many Michigan residents may believe that a bankruptcy provides complete debt relief from all of a family's financial obligations and gives that family a totally fresh financial start. For the most part, this is true. Bankruptcy remains perhaps the single best means of getting rid of a bunch of debt at one time without having to apply every penny of a person's wealth to paying this debt off.

Noted author struggling with personal debt; files Chapter 7

Some Michiganders may have heard about the release of the movie Addicted, a film based on the work of an author known as Zane. Although educated in chemical engineering, Zane has become fairly well known for writing racy novels and has had 25 books hit the bestseller list.

Reality star with 24 children, 5 wives gets debt relief

Michigan residents who watch television frequently may believe that those who star in reality shows and other modern television series have a great deal of wealth and financial security. However, even people who may earn a lot of income or have a lot of fame can run into financial hardships. For these people, as with any average Michigan resident, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can do a lot to ease a debt load and help a person get off to a fresh financial start.

Legislator files Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Some residents in Michigan suffer from financial problems. Despite their status, public figures could also endure these same troubles and require a debt relief process. When it comes to getting a fresh financial start filing bankruptcy might be the best option.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy closes advertising agency

A well-known commercial advertising agency has filed for bankruptcy, according to local business news. Business owners in Michigan are no strangers to the financial hardships brought on by the 2008 recession, which is being pointed to as a major factor in the decision of Meridian-Chiles to shut its doors. The Chapter 7 filing took place on May 21, and the case is now being overseen by a Bankruptcy Court.

Hospital files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

An 18-bed hospital faced with what administrators are calling "insurmountable financial challenges" is closing its doors, according to local business news. The hospital has been struggling for some time, and administrators recently made the decision to file for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as some Michigan residents are aware, is a powerful tool to deal with financial challenges like the ones apparently faced by this health care facility.

Major pharmaceutical company files for Chapter 7

A pharmaceutical company that had been previously making waves in the industry has filed for bankruptcy, according to local business news. Vestiq Holdings, which Michigan residents may recognize as the parent company to both Vestiq Pharmaceutical and Praelia Pharmaceutical, has filed paperwork for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is in the process of closing down both arms of its business. It is hoped this will help to satisfy outstanding creditors while maintaining the integrity of the personal finances of company leadership.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed by mental health facility

An organization dedicated to providing mental health services predominantly to those suffering from substance addiction has filed for bankruptcy protection, according to local business sources. The center, which closed its doors officially in 2011, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after a protracted attempt to satisfy outstanding bills. Michigan residents are keenly aware of how difficult it can be to pay down creditors, which is what makes Chapter 7 such a valuable tool.

Judge places bowling alley in Chapter 7 bankruptcy

A bowling alley and its associated partners in a sprawling entertainment center is on the verge of closing its doors after a local justice required the company to file for bankruptcy. The Chapter 7 filing is currently under way, though the center is being allowed to finish out pre-booked events before their doors close for good. Michigan business owners recognize this as a smart financial move for a business facing serious economic challenges.