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November 2017 Archives

Michigan family law: When millennials divorce

Divorce can happen after a long marriage, or it can happen shortly after a marriage begins. When millennials in Michigan divorce, they may or may not have complex assets or children to worry about. It does not mean that the dissolution process is any easier for them, and it certainly does not mean that they should forgo family law services to help them with the divorce process.

Michigan bankruptcy law: Beware debt relief scammers

Michigan residents who are financially struggling may be quick to trust anyone who says that they can help. While there is nothing wrong with seeking debt relief assistance, one must be careful in whom he or she places trust. Not all debt relief services and options are created equal. A bankruptcy law attorney can provide detailed information about legitimate relief options.

Your child deserves strong medical child support

When parents divorce, working out fair parenting and child support agreements is crucial to providing for the children in the marriage. Among the many issues all divorcing parents should address, medical child support is one of the most important. In some instances, parents get lucky and never have to deal with major medical expenses for their children. However, if a child does need medical care at some point, one or both parents must pay for any expenses not covered by medical insurance.

Michigan divorce law: Tax benefit for alimony payers may soon end

Right now, as current tax laws stand, those in Michigan and elsewhere who pay alimony to former exes have the ability to claim their payments as deductions on their taxes. This is a benefit that saves them upwards of thousands a year. If the current GOP tax plan passes, though, this is a benefit that may soon disappear. According to professionals in the divorce law field, this could prove devastating to the average divorced American.

Michigan bankruptcy law: Is it a phantom debt or the real deal?

Today, numerous Americans will receive phone calls from debt collectors or scammers trying to collect money on debts that do not exist. These are called phantom debts. On the rare occasion that it turns out to be the real deal and money is owed, a bankruptcy law attorney may be able to offer Michigan residents assistance in finding the best way to handle the debt and stop any future creditor harassment.

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