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April 2017 Archives

Michigan divorce law: Different types of alimony orders

When a couple divorces, the spouse who is at an economic disadvantage may be awarded alimony as part of the dissolution settlement. According to Michigan divorce law, there are three different ways in which spousal support may be ordered. Several factors will need to be considered before a judge determines which type of alimony will best serve one's situation -- such as marriage length and economic need.

How can a bankruptcy law attorney help with foreclosure?

Are you one of the many Michigan residents who is at risk of losing your home to foreclosure? Do you feel like there is nothing you can do about it? The truth is you may have options. A bankruptcy law attorney can review your case and help you pursue the foreclosure defense strategy that best fits your situation.

Should I help my college-age child fight drug charges?

No matter who you are, the news that your child faces drug charges is never an easy thing to understand. Many parents have different approaches to the trouble that their children face, but the question here is not really one of parenting style — the truth is that drug charges may send your child down a very bad path.

A family law attorney can assist with stepparent adoption

There are a lot of stepparents in Michigan and elsewhere who would love to adopt their stepchildren. But how does one go about doing this? There are a lot of questions that need answers before any actions can be taken, some of those will be address in this week's column. A family law attorney will be able to provide even further detail and assist with the adoption process when one is ready.

Michigan bankruptcy law: How does debt discharge work?

Before signing on to just any debt relief option, it is wise to gain an understanding of how it really works and how it will benefit one's situation. For example, if one files for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and it is approved in court, his or her debts may be discharged. Michigan residents who are not familiar with bankruptcy law will likely want to know what that means exactly.

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