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March 2017 Archives

Michigan divorce law: Don't let divorce ruin your finances

There are two times during the year in which the divorce rate in Michigan and elsewhere spikes -- spring and fall. As couples race to get their divorce filings over with, they may make mistakes that could hurt them economically in the long run. A divorce law attorney can assist those who are dissolving their marriages in taking the steps necessary to protect their finances.

Credit card debts may lead to bankruptcy

Credit cards are helpful in emergencies. Unfortunately, however, relying on credit cards can have negative long-term effects. Credit card debt may accumulate slowly over time. A serious illness, divorce, job loss or other issue can make it impossible to pay your credit card balances.

Michigan family law: Jail time one form of support enforcement

Parents in Michigan and elsewhere who have court orders to pay child support sometimes fail to meet their financial obligations. There are times that this is because of an economic inability to pay and sometimes it is for other reasons. Regardless, if child support is not paid, enforcement options -- such as criminal charges -- may be utilized by the recipient. A family law attorney can help parents who are struggling to meet their support obligations avoid jail time and create support agreements that work for everyone involved.

Protections provided by the CARD Act, Part 1

Congress, in response to a rash of complaints against credit card companies, passed the 2009 Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (CARD Act). The purpose of the CARD Act was to enact several new rules to protect consumers from predatory credit practices. The CARD Act offers several protections to consumers, primarily in interest charges and credit card fees. This post will go over some of the protections.

Should you file for bankruptcy before or after your divorce?

Divorce is stressful. Filing for bankruptcy is stressful. Unfortunately, divorce and bankruptcy often go hand-in-hand, one almost inevitably leads to the other. That leaves many people with the stark decision, should they file for bankruptcy before or after their divorce? The answer depends on your situation and this post will discuss the factors you may want to consider.

Get answers to your bankruptcy law questions

Michigan residents who are seeking debt relief options have likely looked into how bankruptcy may be able to help their situations. Filing for bankruptcy is a big step as there is a lot involved. Before taking the leap, it is wise to get any questions you may have answered by a bankruptcy law attorney.

How an attorney can defend you from violent crimes charges

Violent crimes are extensively considered as serious offenses in the U.S. Not only are perpetrators liable to considerable jail time but their chances of parole are significantly reduced compared to other crimes. Additionally, your reputation is tarnished in the public eye, let alone hindering your chances of employment are substantially reduced. Once the jury has convicted you of a violent crime, you are irrefutably marked as a criminal for life, and few people would hardly give you second chances.

Alimony and how the amount is calculated

Alimony is essentially a financial support payment made to the other spouse based on mutual agreement or court order. It's set up to protect the financially weaker spouse from being hit with unjust financial consequences of a divorce. The reason often used to justify alimony payments is having to give up one's job or educational goals to stay at home and take care of their family. This results in dependency on the support of the other spouse. Another justification used is that spouses can become accustomed to an elite lifestyle and cannot suddenly re-adjust to the changes after divorce and require additional financial support.

How Divorce Law Can Benefit You as a Divorcing Spouse

Getting hitched to the right partner is widely considered as a critical milestone worldwide. Not only do you get to spend cherished moments with your significant other but you also build a solid foundation based on love and compassion. With the birth of children, the grass undoubtedly looks green on your side. However, not all couples get to cherish the golden years together. When infidelity and irreconcilable differences loom, your marriage can be shattered in more ways than you can imagine.

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