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October 2016 Archives

Ensure your prenuptial agreement is valid

Before a couple gets to have fun on their wedding day and celebrate their union, they may have to take care of one legal matter first: a prenuptial agreement. It isn't the most romantic thing to talk about when you are planning to spend the rest of your life with someone, but it could be necessary, depending on the financial status of one or both parties. Should you and your significant other be planning to enter a marriage, and there is a prenuptial agreement involved, you will want to ensure it is valid, so neither of you is surprised if you happen to get a divorce later down the line.

Debts that are discharged when you file for bankruptcy

It is common for families to face financial challenges every now and then. Although some may be able to keep their heads above water and avoid getting too far into debt, others may not. At this point, people have several options they can take advantage of should they seek relief. Bankruptcy allows you to discharge many of your debts, and it is often seen as the most appealing option.

Junk Science in Criminal Court in a Serious Concern for the Accused

The average jury member has seen shows like CSI and Law and Order. In those shows, forensic evidence is often presented as definitive and damning for the accused. In real life, however, some forms of forensic evidence simply are not as reliable as they seem on TV.

How will equitable distribution affect each spouse?

Married couples who decide to divorce will have a lot to discuss before their divorce can be granted and they go their separate ways. Of these many things, property division may be one of the most frustrating to discuss, especially if spouses are not seeing eye to eye on the matter. Should there be difficulty between spouses when attempting to resolve this dispute, there is another way for things to be figured out.

Mediators assist parties through bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is meant to be a controlled process. The debtor files for bankruptcy protection and alerts his creditors. The creditors submit claims and the bankruptcy court discharges with the assets and debts. Unfortunately, the reality is much more contentious. To address the rising cost of bankruptcy litigation, some courts are embracing mediation as an alternative to the traditional bankruptcy process.

Withholding child support is not a good idea

You make regular payments. You are never late. You always pick up your child on time and drop her off. You think you deserve another shot at modifying the custody order. You worked hard and established that you are reliable. You deserve more time with your child. So how do you go about accomplishing that?

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